CNO mini

medinCNO®mini offers all basic nCPAP and nasal High Flow functions you need. It is a perfect combination of our devices medinCNO® and medinSINDI® as it combines nCPAP, ApneaCPAP, NIPPV and High Flow. Besides its inexpensive and uncomplicated servicing, it carries a system integrated.

The following modes are available:

medinCNO®mini offers a basic CPAP mode for neonates and premature infants including optional leackage compensation. Furthermore are manual breath an an oxygen flush are available.

Apnea CPAP:
This mode combines the basic CPAP mode with apnea detection, alarming and a backup-function in case of apnea.

This mode is a mandatory bilevel mode and can also be activated. The rate can be adjusted in correlation the the inspiratory time. It also calculates and displays the I:E ratio.

High Flow:
A very special mode is the High Flow, which makes the big difference to the medinCNO®. The High Flow mode is suitable for nasal cannulas